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Even my eyes are thumping.

My head is pounding.

Very long day of debaucherous drinking, smoking, dancing, and singing. Oh, and flirting with Pigs. Tsk, tsk.

I smell funny and need a long bubble bath before I curl up with the equally drunk hubby.


11:32 p.m. - Sunday, May. 30, 2004


Slap, kick, slap. Next?

I cheated big time today. I had way too much guacamole and now my tummy is punishing me for it. Pssht.

Anyway, MIL has three siblings that have not set foot in my house since their mother passed away. Understandable, since no one wants to see some asshole redecorating their dead mother's house, you know?

Two of MIL's siblings are in town for the weekend. Aunt White Bread, who hasn't been in the house either, called and asked if she and her other two siblings could come over to see "Mama's" house. Uh, no Bitch, but you can come and see my house if you so desire.

Is that nervy of her...or is that nervy?

I swear, when one jackass creeps out of the woodwork it's like they all just follow.

Who's next? I'm takin' numbers.

3:18 p.m. - Saturday, May. 29, 2004



Today is The Girl's eleventh birthday. ELEVEN. You blink your eye and the years just fly. She opened some of her presents today but won't open the rest until tomorrow at her party. Thank you Auntie Amee for your presents, one of which we've been squabbling over all morning! :o) Oh, yeah, and I let her read her birthday messages in the group and she was just tickled. You made her day!

Anyway, received a strange phone call this morning from a Columbia number that I didn't recognize. Turns out it was HIM calling from a pay phone. So I took the phone outside and asked him just what the hell did he want. Then he says, "Are you mad at me about something?" So I said no and made small talk with him. I casually mentioned my car and told him that I had initially suspected him (I wanted to see what he'd say). Then get this, the idiot turns around and says, "What? I don't even know what your new car looks like!" Really? It's funny how I never told him that I had a new car.

So the phone call was a like a veiled peace offering where he didn't want to admit anything.

"Let's squash this thing, it's getting out of hand." Squash what?

"You made your point already, do you feel better now?" What are you talking about?

"You and your husband really stand out. Didn't you think that people would notice you?" I'm lost here, please elaborate.

"You know I can't possibly afford to replace my car!" I'm sorry to hear that, what on earth happened?

Come on, asshole, I didn't just fall off of the turnip truck yesterday. I can smell entrapment a mile away.

And for the record, my husband and I were tucked in with our teddy bears last night, sucking on our thumbs. We're a peaceful clan around here. :o)

11:52 a.m. - Saturday, May. 29, 2004


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